Cyclic pain, itching, swelling

At the age of 47, Aneurysm and Syringomyelia turned me, as the people say “a healthy Russian woman,” into an invalid. For 11 years, chronic pains of the head, neck, the entire shoulder composition, and plus the syndrome of pregnant women – toxicosis. The pain is not strong, but all this is 24 hours a day. The entire arsenal at the Pain Clinic (Tel Hashomer) is covered, starting with drugs like Gabapentin and Lyrica, intravenous pain relievers (Lidocain + Magnesium), and epidurals (Depomedrol + Lidocain), all with zero effect. Opiates Oxydon, Butrans, Duragesic, after 2 years ended in almost a year’s breakage. She refused the electrodes. I was afraid of the terrible side effects. While I’m saving myself with medical cannabis (Kanabis), which at least gives me the opportunity to sleep for 3-4 hours. Headache in the eye area has returned in the last year, and Facial’s has intensified. After several Trigger Point Therapies, there is an improvement in all parameters by almost 50%. Manitola’s action is literally instantaneous at the end of the needle, and the result is immediately visible on the face: the eyebrow falls into place, the eyelid rises and the eye is normal. The feeling of a surge of energy and nausea disappears. Even the dose of cannabis was cut in half. Mannitol is the light in my window. K. Galina